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Covid certificate

We follow the Public Health Agency in Sweden's recommendations and at the time, they say that the Covid certificate is needed at public gatherings with over 50 people from January 12th and until further notice.

Right now, you do not need a Covid certificate for restaurant visits (if there is not a show/performance booking).

We update this page as the information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden changes regarding Covid certificates.


From January 12th the Public Health Agency of Sweden established new restrictions dye to the pandemic, which are effective until further notice. In our facility, the following applies:

- We have a maximum number of 8 persons per table in restaurants

- We have at least 1 meter between the tables

- Our restaurant closes at 23:00

- We distribute dinner-and spa times to our guests before arrival to avoid crowded areas

- Hand sanitizer can be found by the restaurant and in many other places at our facility

Advise for pleasant and secure stay

Think about keeping a distant for your own and other peoples safety


Spa access must be pre-booked to guarantee a spot since we have a limited amount of persons at the same time in our spa. Our guests receive a spa time of 2 hours in order for us to be able to follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations about distance and to create a safe environment for everyone who visits us.


When we have many guests, we book times for breakfast to avoid queuing around the breakfast buffet. We recommend you to book the early breakfast times since they tend to be the calmest times. We can also help you to book a breakfast bag for you to pick up and eat in you hotel room or on the road if you do not want to have breakfast in our restaurant. .


We have an Express Check-out station by the entrance which we recommend you to use to avoid queuing by check-out. Pay for your stay in advance or by check-in, and for spa-and restaurant bills directly instead of putting them on the room, and you can leave your room key at our Express Check-out in the morning.


For us it is important to look aver and update our cleaning routines regularly, to avoid all kinds of viruses, including Covid-19. Except our usual cleaning routines we now focus a lot on cleaning and disinfect areas which our often touched, such as door handles, elevator buttons etc. Hand sanitizer is available for our quests in several places around the facility.


We all have joint responsibility to decrease and stop the spread of the virus. We advise you to follow the recommendations about hygiene and distance set up by the Public Health Agency of Sweden when you visit us. If you feel just the slightest of symptom, we are grateful that you chose to stay at home, just as our staff do. Stay at home if you feel symptoms such as cough, fever of cold.

Best regards

Kurorten Mösseberg