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Safe conference

The last years have been a great challenge for the entire meeting industry and at some points, meetings have had to almost all exclusively take place online, with the participating parties situated in totally different places. How great that we have had this possibility in a crisis like this, when meetings face-to-face not always have been the best option.

If you have participants of your group that do not want to meet up with you physically, we can help you arrange a setup with camera and/or sound equipment, so that they can participate online instead. Contact our conference booking department and before your meeting and we will make sure that the setup needed is available.

We have created some alternative solutions for the different parts of your meeting, so that you as our guests should feel safe and secure when visiting us:

  • When it is possible, we try to choose a bigger conference room than what is actually needed for you number of people, so tat we can have some extra space between the meeting participates.

  • We can arrange for you to have lunch in a separate restaurant from our other guests, from 13:00 (this depends on which day and the size of your group).

  •  Our conference morning- and afternoon coffee and snack/cake buffet (depending on what you have ordered) is usually served in our beautiful saloons but at your request, we can serve this in your conference room instead.

  • For guests who are checking in at the hotel, we can arrange the check-in at a different location than at the front desk, e.g in your conference room, to avoid queuing.

  • We book times for all meals (sometimes even breakfast buffet) and for our spa, so that we can make sure hat we do not have to many people in one place at the same time (this applies to days when we have many guests visiting us).

  • We have placed bottles of hand sanitizer in most of the public areas in our facility.

  • We have extended our cleaning routines both in our hotel rooms and in the public areas.

  • If someone in our staff is not feeling well, he/she will of course stay at home.

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