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Arvid´s restaurant and bar

Mösseberg health resort's head chef creates culinary experiences based on products from the agricultural landscape of the Falbygden region. The ingredients have rarely travelled far and we make the most of the changing seasons when we put together our menus. Our unique cooking style has its roots in the Cittaslow movement – Spa Resort Mösseberg was one of the first businesses in Sweden to get a Cittaslow certification.

The Cittaslow philosophy is based on a number of cornerstones, which when combined are meant to promote “the good life in the small town”. One of these cornerstones is that you should, as far as possible, use local produce, with a clear focus on organic ingredients. This philosophy is something we like here at Spa Resort Mösseberg and our dedication to Cittaslow can be seen in many ways. The best way for you to discover Cittaslow is to sit down at one of our beautifully laid tables. Bon appetit!  

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