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Spa menu

Taste something delicious from our fresh spa-menu! Relax at our spa and enjoy some lunch/dinner/snack in our relax rooms. Beverages such as beer, cider, wine and non-alcoholic drinks can also be purchased.

Remember... It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the spa.

Arvid´s Schrimp Sandwich 
with handpeeled schrimps, mayonaise, egg, red onions and dark bread
SEK 175

Arvid´s Ceasar Salad 
with Swedish chicken breast, lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, bread crutongs
SEK 175

Salmon wrap 
with smoked salmon, onions, lettuce and wasabi creme
SEK 105

Vegan wrap
with sweet potato creme, red onions, vegetables and beluga lentils
SEK 105

Tapas Plate 
olives, local cheese, beer sausage, Swedish salami and crispbread
85 SEK

SEK 55


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