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Opening hours at SPA Mösseberg

Spa Booking
Monday - Friday 10AM–5:30PM.

 Spa Area
Hotel guests with Spa included in their stay:
Monday - Sunday 8.30AM–10PM.

Day Spa guests:
Monday - Friday 9AM–9PM.
Saturday 9AM–3PM.
Sunday 9AM–6PM.

Opening hours for children
Our age limit is 16 years old, or 13 years old in the company of an adult.
For children under 13 years old, we have the following opening hours:
Monday - Friday and Sunday 9AM–11AM and 5PM–7PM.
Saturdays 9AM–11AM.

Monday - Friday 6:30AM–8AM and 5PM–9PM.
Saturday - Sunday 8AM–9PM.

Spa reception
Monday - Saturday 10AM–6PM.
Sunday 10AM - 1PM och 3PM–6PM.

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